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"It is the food that we eat which is responsible for shaping such a vast array of body types. Yes, the food!" - Tosca Reno, Author of The Eat Clean Diet

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Clean Eating For the Food Lover Basics Workshop!

It's here! My Clean Eating For the Food Lover Basics Workshop is all set for May 4th! Space is limited so register today! Here's the 411:

Eating Clean doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor! Join me for an afternoon of deliciousness as we talk about the basics of Clean Eating. Topics of discussion will include: - What it means to eat clean and why I do it. - The first five things to change now (and you might just lose 10 pounds for it!) - The problem with plants (of the warehouse kind.) - Treating versus cheating. - Why clean-eating is not a diet. - Recipes for the Food Lover - Much More! 

When:     Saturday, May 4th 11am-2pm
Where:   Faithful Hearts 
                600 Gathering Park Circle, Suite 103
                Cary, NC 27519
Cost:       $35/per person

A clean lunch and clean snacks are provided! 

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